Passive Radar using Geosynchronous Satellites

28. November 2019 by Holger Nies | Comments Off on Passive Radar using Geosynchronous Satellites

In contrast to our high-end HITCHHIKER receiver system, we started investigating in a low cost and permanent available setup for the acquisition of radar signals. We are looking for a solution for continuous observation of small local areas which cannot be satisfied by the current satellite programs. Finally, we decided to use the signals transmitted by geosynchronous broadcasting satellites (e.g., SES-ASTRA and EUTELSAT HOT BIRD) as source for our passive receiver system. The receiver is based on a two channel Software Defined Radio (SDR) for tuning the desired signal to baseband and the sampling of the data by the analog-to-digital converter.

The main objective of the DFG funded project is the experimental verification of a parasitic multistatic radar concept using geostationary transmitters of opportunity. Further information about the project and system design you will find in the poster below.