SAR Image of Dreis-Tiefenbach
SAR Image of Dreis-Tiefenbach

EUSAR 2012


The EUSAR, European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar, is the world’s leading international Conference dedicated to Synthetic Aperture Radar techniques, technology and applications.

Between the 23rd and 26th of April 2012 we attended the EUSAR 2012 in Nürnberg with an oral presentation entitled A noise based transmitter system for the HITCHHIKER project. This contribution describes the current status and results of the HITCHHIKER project and introduces the new transmitter system with a thermal noise based waveform.

This time we were welcomed at the Conference Center in Nürnberg. In three days of attending interesting presentations, we had the chance for scientific and forward pushing discussions. Additional to the scientific program enjoyable social events were presented by the organizers like a dinner at the Bratwurst Röslein Restaurant or a wet poster session accompanied by live Jazz/Swing music.

And at the end of this article you find some impressions of the conference. By the way, the header image shows a result of our new four channel interferometric setup. It’s a SAR Image of Dreis-Tiefenbach (near Siegen) color coded with the interferometric phase, which is dependent of the terrain height.


Author: Simon Reuter

Since 2009 I'm working as a scientific coworker at the Center for Sensorsystems (ZESS) for the HITCHHIKER project. My work is related to the hardware and software development as well as the signal processing for radar imaging.

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